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 Southern Iron Kustoms Presents : The Stars and Bars Tribute

This page is dedicated to those serving or who has served. We will be picking a male and female
each month to do a photo session with. We will obviously be doing these with some SiK bikes!!

Each model and bike will have a write up so stay tuned and take a read. Spring Rally week 2018
we will have all our models take the SiK stage. If you know someone who is serving or has served
that you think should be apart of this please submit them. God Bless America and those who serve! Calendars to follow.


SiK ChiK April 2017

Name: Cortney O.

From: Stroh, IN

Branch: USAF   Rank: A1C

Cortney has been in the Airforce for two years. Growing up in Indiana she was very active with softball, track, soccer, cheer, basketball and powder puff football. Sounds like she never took a break. She moved to Panama City in 2011.  When I asked Cortney what her proudest achievment was she said serving my country and losing nearly 100 lbs!!! What!!? Cortney had let her self get to 200 lbs and constantly was having health issues. When she had enough she said she got a trainer and never looked back! The pictures speak for themselves. Top of her proud moments list is competing in two competions walking away with 7 trophies. In the future this country girl plans on getting her nursing degree and starting her own personal trainer business. We are proud to introduce Cortney as our SiK ChiK and happy to have her as the first Stars and Bars tribute model.



SIK Photos

SiK DuDe April 2017

Name: Kody V.

From: St. Charles, MO.

Branch: USAF   Rank: E-5

Kody has been in the Air Force for 6 yrs. Other than serving our country he is into his Custom Harley, diesel trucks, and working out. When asked why the military he said “I felt the need to do my part.” Growing up Kody played football and ran track. So he is no stranger to staying fit. Today he is a dedicated military man that is in it for the full career term. His proudest moment is making Staff “Sarge”. He has been riding for the last 5yrs. His bike is a 2009 Sucker Punch Sally (pictured) with a 80 ci Evo, DNA springer, 3″ BDL open primary, Twisted Choppers exhaust, S&S carb, and now with a 23″ fatspoke front 16″ rear (not pictured). He definately has a SiK ride! Kody comes to Southern Iron Kustoms for all his service and upgrades. Oh!! Sorry ladies his girlfriend is our SiK ChiK Cortney. Kody thanks for your service and thank you for being our SiK Dude of the month!




SIK Photos